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I definitely didn’t plan to spend my life documenting everyone else’s, but seeing love every time I pick up my camera has been so inspiring and fulfilling. I’ve been obsessed with love since day one, and that remains the same 9,781 days later. …..cause like, I’m 27. heh.


who i am


Hey fam. I’m Jessy. If you’ve read the little bit on the homepage, you’ll have found that I chase the sun, enjoy some cool water, and take pictures anywhere I can. And then I poked fun at the lack of sun here. I’ve always been a bit of a nomad and I’m mega down to get out of the grey.

Or at least go to a different grey.

I started shooting flowers, like loads of people, and now (somehow, incredibly) I’m capturing humans and their stories. I see so much beauty in everyone and I hope to bring their light to the surface. I don’t like to pose people too much; just a little direction does the trick and your love shows. Don’t be ashamed of it!

On a personal note, I wear a ton of hats. Mostly mum and really annoying wife. I’m shamelessly obsessed with my husband. I love chocolate and woofers. I respond (regretfully) to most texts within 24-72 hours. Basically my Achilles heel.

So that’s probably enough rambling about me. If I even remotely sound like someone you’d want to meet, press the button below.




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